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Wild Swans by Jung Chang A fascinating book that follows three generations of Chinese women beginning in the early 20th century. The book starts with the Japanese occupation, proceeds through the civil war between the communists and the Kuomintang then carries us throughout the Mao atrocities. The ability of the Chinese people to endure hardship astonishes me – there… Read More »

These are just a few of my favorite books listed here. To see the rest of them, visit me at I’m listed under my email.


Dhalgren is a science fiction novel by American writer Samuel R. Delany. It features an extended trip to and through Bellona, a fictional city in the American Midwest cut off from the rest of the world by some unknown catastrophe… all of which does nothing to explain why this novel is so powerful and moving.… Read More »

Books for bibliophiles

From various sources including the King County Library, MentalFloss and BookWitty. Most if not all the copy is copied directly from them. The books with the ‘thumbs up’ image are my personal favorites. This post will continue to be updated, so check back regularly. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak Liesel Meminger is a nine-year-old… Read More »

Recommended Websites

Here are a few of my favorite websites concerning reading and books. Good Reads provides a place to discuss the books you’ve read and are reading and to get recommendations from other people. I use this site a lot. Be aware that Amazon owns the site; all books link to Amazon’s site. Personally, I prefer… Read More »

Harry Potter

J. Rowling was writing the books as my children were of the same age, so it was an especially wonderful time. Anticipating the new books and movies… it was great. The Harry Potter books can be credited with spawning an entire generation of readers. The books are well-written and the author invested heavily in her… Read More »

The Book Thief

A truly gripping novel. I have the audio book, masterfully narrated by Allan Corduner. Almost immediately after I finished listening to it, I started it again. It’s that good. It’s sad and tragic – it’s hard to drive when you’re crying – but it’s also sweet and poignant. And it feels so real. I’ve been… Read More »

Laurie R King

Who is she? She’s amazing, accomplished and astonishing. I would recommend that you go to her excellent website to find out who she is. Or you would watch this video where she discusses her writing, mostly concerning the Mary Russell/Sherlock Holmes stories.