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By | February 18, 2018

Here are a few of my favorite websites concerning reading and books.

GoodReadsGood Reads provides a place to discuss the books you’ve read and are reading and to get recommendations from other people. I use this site a lot. Be aware that Amazon owns the site; all books link to Amazon’s site. Personally, I prefer to buy my books from local independent book stores, like these (below). Click on the links to go to their websites. And, of course, there are libraries. My entire home page is devoted to notable libraries.

HistoricalNovelSociety_1The Historical Novel Society webpage provides a great resource for people like me who love historical fiction. Wonderful site with incredible depth. It is not just a website, however. It represents an actual society dedicated to historical fiction with chapters throughout the world and two annual conventions.

bbreviewsplace7Becky’s Book Reviews offers good brief reviews over a wide range of book genres.

Book Stores

VintageVintage Books in Vancouver is the largest independent bookstore here.

Powells-City-of-BooksPowell’s Bookstore claims to be the largest independent bookstore in the world and has several locations including specialty locations such as their technical bookstore. It’s huge and fun to browse.

b&nBarnes and Noble is the only chain bookstore left in Vancouver. I do patronize them, because I want them to continue their presence here.

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