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Ginger Cookies

We love ginger snaps, but my wife, Denise, says I can’t call these ginger snaps because ginger snaps are hard; I like them soft. When I bake them, I make half of them hard by keeping them small and half soft by making them large. That way we’re both happy. I am so grateful to… Read More »

di Tazza Gourmet Coffee

My favorite coffee shop. Anywhere. Great coffee, great baked goods, comfortable atmosphere and wonderful people. Denise and I come here for coffee pretty much every Sunday morning before church… oh, and we have a trail mix scone! Yum! They make many, perhaps all, of their own baked goods and they are wonderful, numerous and diverse.… Read More »

Hazel Dell Car Wash

Hazel Dell Car Wash is my favorite car wash ever. The machine is well-maintained and easy on the car. The people are great, helpful and very attentive. I pass a lot of car washes on my way to Hazel Dell Car Wash. There is no one else in their class. Hazel Dell Car Wash 8200… Read More »