Optavia First Order

  1. Go to www.optavia.com
  2. Hit “Log in” in the upper right hand corner
  3. Under Create an Account, fill out Client first name, Client last name, their email, how many pounds client wants to lose (best guess if you’re not sure), and password.
  4. Password is ALWAYS: Welcome1! (capital W and exclamation point at the end)
  5. Hit “Register”
  6. In the box on the right, enter YOUR (the Coach) first and last name.
  7. Hit “Find my Coach”
  8. When your picture comes up (the coach) hit “Connect Me”.
  9. Double check that the coach’s name and picture (you) shows at the top of the page
  10. Hit “Log in” and you will be redirected to the “Welcome Back Client Name” Screen
  11. Hover over the SHOP tab and then click on “Optimal Weight”
  12. Scroll down and hit “Shop Essential Fuelings”
  13. Scroll down to the the “Essential Optimal Kit (5&1 Plan) for $414.60 and hit the button “Add to cart” Note: if ordering two kits for a couple, you can order 1 Essential Optimal Kit and one “Essential On the Go Kit (5&1)”
  14. A box will pop up that shows the Habits of Health Transformational System is added to the 5&1 Kit. We always include this for our new customers. Hit “Begin Checkout”.
  15. If your client wants to add some snacks, now is the time to add that to the order.
  16. Edit any items in the Essential Optimal Kit at this time (allergies/specific fuelings due to medications) Reminder – we don’t put in specific orders for customers. This is not duplicatable – check in with your mentor team for more info 🙂
  17. Edit 5 Free boxes if needed. (Make sure they have at least two shakes here).
  18. Double check the box is checked so the client is enrolled in Optavia Premier. This will give them free shipping and 10% off their next order. Hit the “Checkout” button.
  19. Enter in their address details and hit “make this my default address”. Hit “Next”.
  20. Verify Address
  21. Verify Standard Shipping is selected and hit “NEXT”: Standard – 5-8 business days ground shipping – Delivery FREE – Handling FREE
  22. Enter payment Details, check “I’m not a robot” and hit “Next”
  23. Double check order! Subtotal, shipping should be free, tax will depend on the state they live in. When everything looks correct, Hit “Submit Order”.

*NOTE: Sometimes you may get a “try again later” message. We have found that oftentimes the customer must approve authorization from their bank and then you will need to resubmit their order after they authorize it.