Favorite Restaurants

Just a list of some of my favorite restaurants in Vancouver and Portland.

Beaches Restaurant

A fun place to eat, right on the Columbia River. We love to sit outside and watch the sailboats on sunny days. The food is good, the service is very good.

Hudson’s at the Heathman Lodge

Great food, but a bit spendy. Great for celebrations. Emphasis on Northwest cuisine.

Jerusalem Restaurant & Cafe

Our favorite Mediterranean cuisine in Vancouver! Delicious! Discovered shawarmahere just before watching The Avengers where… well, just watch the clip here.

Rally Pizza

Very impressive artisan pizza and they bake veggies in the pizza over! They also serve concrete – no, not paving – it’s an East coast name for ‘decadent frozen custard blended with house-made desserts’. And they are right next door to…

Smokehouse Provisions

Awesome incredible BBQ. Top-notch.

Stardust Diner

Just like the old diners of yore (’50s) with yummy comfort food. Sadly, they don’t seem to have a website, just a crappy Facebook page.

Vancouver Pizza Company

Still my favorite. Quirky decor with great pizza and wonderful people. Sadly, their website sucks.


Edgefield is a bit out of Portland, actually ( 2126 S.W. Halsey St., Troutdale, OR 97060). A great place – once a poor farm – with several buildings (11 of them) in which they house all kinds of great places to eat and drink. One of our favorites is the Jerry’s Ice House, a tribute to the Grateful Dead which always plays their music. They also have a distillery in-house as well as a few restaurants. The food is good; pub food, basically.