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America’s Greatest Musician

Harry Nilsson. Hands down, America’s greatest musician. Sure, I know I have no credibility in the music world, but it’s not just my opinion… In a 1968 interview John Lennon said of Harry Nilsson, “everything influences everything, Nilsson’s my favorite group.” McCartney mirrored the statement. In the same interview, the two confirm Nilsson is both… Read More »

Kirstin Maldonado

I love Pentatonix. They are inspirational, fascinating, inventive and produce gorgeous music as well as wonderful videos. But they don’t give Kirstin the lead often enough, nor do they give her enough face time on the videos. Here are the videos that feature Kirstin. Perfume Medley Say Something Rather Be Kirstie was featured more frequently… Read More »

Kevin K.O. Olusola

Kevin is the multi-talented Christian who plays cello, speaks Mandarin and forms an essential part of my favorite group, Pentatonix. Here are a couple of my favorite videos. Radioactive has the special benefit of Lindsey Stirling! Yay!


My favorite group! A capella with great voices and incredible musical skills. Fantastic videos!! There are so many of their performances that I love, but here is a great rendition of Mary, Did You Know? And here is their cover of Say Something

Home Free

A fantastic a capella group – saw them in concert! (Thank you, Audrie and Joe!). Check them out. They have a lot of great videos. They also have a fantastic version of June Cash’s Ring of Fire. Here they perform with Avi Kaplan from Pentatonix