Yard and Garden

Ground Cover

Grass is boring. I would much prefer something interesting that blooms, smells nice and just looks pretty. Of course, it has to be durable and should be somewhat drought resistant so it doesn’t have to be watered constantly. Enter creeping thyme! Click on the image for more information, courtesy of Portland Nursery.

Tools and Equipment

Note: I have provided links to Amazon pages for the purpose of providing more information. I prefer to purchase things from local merchants, however, rather than Amazon.

Pressure Washer

Pressure washers make much quicker, easier work of maintaining concrete driveways and stairs, as well as many other things – especially with the Deck and Patio Cleaning Attachment. It can even be used to wash the car. I prefer electric pressure washers because they are much quieter, less smelly (gasoline and exhaust) and are just as capable as the gas-powered pressure washers.

Garden Fork

An efficient tool for turning soil, garden forks can dig into dense soil better than a spade.

  • Forks with a slight curve to the spines are useful for scooping mulch or turning compost piles, much like a pitchfork.
  • Straight tines are better for digging; great for compacted, rocky, or clay soil./li>
  • Square tines are stronger than flat tines which can bend when they hit a rock or root./li>

Landscape designer Genevieve Schmidt recommends the Radius Garden 203 Pro Ergonomic Steel Digging Fork. The stainless steel, square tines resist rusting and the ergonomic handle has a non-slip grip.


I am in favor of leaving grass clippings where they lie, but admit that it doesn’t look as nice as a raked lawn after mowing. In the absence of an attachment on the mower to catch the clippings, a lawn rake would be necessary. Gardening, of course, requires a much stronger rake such as this one(pictured right)

Another specialized rake is the Weeder Cultivator which makes quick work of weeding.


Moving soil, compost or mulch or any other heavy lifting and moving projects requires a wheelbarrow.

  • Traditional dual-handle, single wheel styles can be harder to balance heavy or unevenly distributed loads.
  • Single-handle two-wheel models are easier to balance, better for those with limited strength or when pulling over uneven terrain.
  • Single-handled wheelbarrows can be pushed or pulled with one hand.
  • Store it clean and dry to prevent rust.
  • Keep the wheels inflated properly for easier wheeling.