EPIC: Humanities Problem

By | January 20, 2014

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The Common Thread: There is a Holy God who lovingly pursues a relationship with His creation, Man.

 Big Picture

  • Every human has chosen self over and apart from God.
  • God looks at the heart.
  • Self and sin lead to separation and death; Obedience leads to life and relationship with God.
  • God is the source of grace and mercy.

  Scene 1 ~ A Tale of two Brothers

Genesis 4,  Luke 6:45

God looks at the heart—it was a heart issue.

  • What do you do when you don’t feel accepted?
  • What are you willing to do for acceptance?

 Scene 2 ~ The Flood

Genesis 6-9, John 15:1-20, Hebrew 11:7

 Blameless is not sinless it is excuseless.

  Godly obedience will:

  • set you apart from the crowd.
  • encourage others to follow.
  • bring salvation to others.


 Things to think about…

This week take note of how often you want something someone else has. Also watch for when you feel a strong desire to do something for other’s approval.

Think about your choices… which choices in your life have lead to “death” or separation, and which choices have you made that lead to “life” and relationship? Which of these choices were motivated by “self?”

How easy is it to do the right thing, even when you know what’s right, when you would rather do something else that would benefit you? What would it take to always be motivated by God’s plan for our life instead of our own desires and what pleases us in the moment?


Try and find one tangible thing you could do to bless another person this week. And do one thing that creates or restores beauty into the world. Start with something small, but tell another person what you did.

 Jeff Austin is the pastor of Real Life Community Church of the Nazarene and my friend of over 25 years as well as my pastor.

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