Climate Model Exaggerations Confirmed

By | August 12, 2021

From the very beginning, the UN’s IPCC has been – as you might expect from any UN organization – wrong and fraudulent. It’s what the UN does. During the Clinton years, the IPCC study was hi-jacked and ‘edited’ by the US State Department – another fraudulent organization – to be even more hysterical and fundamentally wrong. In 2020 a study comparing the climate models currently in use and the actual data reveals that the models are highly exaggerated.

Their summary:

It has long been known that previous generations of climate models exhibit excessive warming rates in the tropical troposphere. With the release of the CMIP6 (Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Version 6) climate model archive we can now update the comparison. We examined historical (hindcast) runs from 38 CMIP6 models in which the models were run using historically observed forcings. We focus on the 1979–2014 interval, the maximum for which all models and observational data are available and for which the models were run with historical forcings. What was previously a tropical bias is now global. All model runs warmed faster than observations in the lower troposphere and midtroposphere, in the tropics, and globally. On average, and in most individual cases, the trend difference is significant. Warming trends in models tend to rise with the model Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity (ECS), and we present evidence that the distribution of ECS values across the model is unrealistically high.

Read the report here.

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